Stolen bakkies recovered near Samora Machel Monument


A soldier’s job is often a thankless task with bad weather not allowed to interfere. Soldiers on border protection found the recent heavy rain on their side allowing for recovery of two stolen bakkies.

Joint Tactical Headquarters in Mpumalanga reports an Operation Corona standing patrol in pouring rain in the Samora Machel Monument area, part of Macadamia base area of operations, were alerted by the sound of high revving engines.

Investigating, the patrol found the Hilux bakkies stuck in mud with unsuccessful attempts at self-extraction causing the high revving engines to give the suspects away. Closer inspection led to another three mud-bound vehicles 500 metres on the Mozambican side of the border.

All five vehicles were handed to law enforcement in either South Africa or Mozambique. No mention is made of suspects apprehended so they presumably were fleeter of foot than the soldiers in the muddy conditions.