Reserve Force unit Lenong Regiment on border protection tour of duty


Alpha Company of West Rand headquartered Reserve Force unit Lenong Regiment are the new keepers of South Africa’s territorial integrity on the Botswana border.

On arrival the part-timers were briefed by Officer Commanding Joint Tactical Headquarters North West, Colonel MJ Ramakatsa.

Among others he explained the importance of situation awareness at all times, including when driving and using military vehicles, professional behaviour in the operational area and good communication with the local population living in the area of responsibility as well as, what Captain Z Nkabinde reports as “the channel of command”.

The captain further reports the presentation stressed the importance of a high standard of operational discipline.

The Lenong soldiers will spend at least six months on the Botswana/South Africa border patrolling on foot and in vehicles to stop illegal immigrants coming to South Africa. They will also actively be on the lookout for smugglers on cigarettes and other tobacco products as well as liquor and narcotics and South African vehicle thieves attempting to move stolen vehicles, mostly high-end bakkies and SUVs, into the neighbouring country.

Reserve Force units have been – and will continue to be – a major component of the SA Army border protection tasking Operation Corona. At any one time 15 companies, called “sub-units” in national defence force and political lingo, are deployed along South Africa’s land borders. Financial constraints put paid to SA National Defence Force (SANDF) planning to increase the number of companies doing border duty at any one time to 22.