R2 million worth of dagga, illicit cigarettes and goods seized by SANDF soldiers


South African National Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers on Operation Corona border protection duty have once again seized drugs, illicit cigarettes and goods from criminals involved in smuggling activities.

Members of 4 Artillery Regiment deployed along the South Africa/Zimbabwe border over the weekend were busy with mobile patrols in the early hours of the morning when they came across a mini-bus traveling at night without registration numbers. The Potchefstroom-based unit flagged down the vehicle, but the driver jumped out of the moving vehicle and disappeared into the night, Joint Tactical Headquarters Limpopo said.

The vehicle and its luggage were handed over to the South African Revenue Service/Customs. The vehicle was estimated to be worth R450 000, whereas the illicit cigarettes it was carrying were valued at R803 677.

In another incident, on 21 January, 7 South African Infantry Battalion Soldiers in the Zonestraal Area of Responsibility were conducting foot patrols in Monzana when they spotted two males in possession of dagga. The suspects saw the soldiers and ran into nearby bushes, abandoning the dagga. The dagga was handed over by the Military Police to the South African Police Service. The 251 kg of dagga seized is estimated to be worth R754 800.

The previous day, soldiers in the Macadamia Area of Responsibility confiscated contraband goods worth R101 250. Soldiers spotted two men crossing the border illegally from Mozambique into South Africa carrying large boxes. The two suspects saw soldiers, dropped the boxes and ran back to Mozambique. The confiscated goods were taken to Lebombo and handed over to the South African Revenue Services by Military Police, the SANDF said.