R2 million dagga bust by SANDF soldiers


South African National Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers have recovered nearly R2 million worth of dagga during a patrol along the border with Eswatini.

On 2 April, members of 15 South African Infantry Battalion were conducting vehicle patrols near Emahlathini when they spotted four men crossing from Eswatini into South Africa with four big bags. When approached, the suspects dropped the bags and ran back into Eswatini.

Soldiers recovered the bags and also found another 43 wrapped plastic bags of dagga. Military police were activated to come to the scene and handed over the dagga to Emahlathini Point of Entry Police. The dagga weighed 472 kg and is valued at R1 983 004, reports Captain CM Lengwasa for Joint Operations Tactical Headquarters Mpumalanga.

In March, soldiers, assisted by police, confiscate over R5 million worth of dagga from cross-border smugglers. R2.7 million worth of dagga was seized along the border with Mozambique and R2.5 million was seized along the border with Eswatini. Patrols on its Eastern Cape and Free State borders with Lesotho netted dagga worth R64 700.