Nine suspected poachers apprehended in Kruger


Nine suspected poachers have been arrested in the Kruger National Park, with weapons and poaching tools recovered.

SANParks on 24 July said the arrests took place in three areas of the park from 20 July. Crocodile Bridge Section saw three arrests on 20 July with suspects found in possession of a heavy calibre hunting rifle, ammunition and poaching equipment.

Letaba Rangers made contact with three suspects who were in possession of a high calibre hunting rifle, ammunition and poaching equipment on 22 July adding to the number of more successful arrests in the Park.

Tshokwane Rangers also arrested three suspected poachers in possession of a high calibre rifle, ammunition and poaching equipment on 23 July.

The three successful apprehension of poachers was effected with support from the K9 and Airwing teams. SANParks said it also came with sad news at the loss of one of the K9 unit dogs during an operation, but the dog was later found unharmed, “much to the relief of the Ranger Corps. These magnificent animals are valuable and have become a big game changer in the anti-poaching campaign. They are part of the Rangers Corps family and contribute to the success rate of arrests in the anti-poaching campaign,” SANParks said.

Glenn Phillips, the KNP Managing Executive, expressed his appreciation of the hard work that was done by the Rangers Corps, Airwing and K9 Units saying “We are proud of your achievements in the recent past, we salute your commitment and bravery to this campaign.”