More dagga busts for SANDF soldiers on border patrol


South African National Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers, from 1 SA Infantry (SAI) Battalion, continue to put pressure on smugglers operating along the Mozambican and Eswatini borders.

To date in April, 1 SAI’s men and women notched up a pair of notable dagga busts with substantial quantities of the drug confiscated from cross-border smugglers.

The first incident occurred at Esidakeni in the Pongola area where Alpha Company soldiers on an operational patrol found abandoned dagga. The haul went to military police where its value was estimated at R452 256.

Another Alpha Company patrol, this one working the Belgrade area near Eswatini, spotted two men laden with five securely wrapped black bags heading in the direction of the N2. When called to halt by the patrol, they fled in the direction of Eswatini, leaving the bags for soldiers to collect and hand to military law enforcement in the form of military police.

Reporting on the confiscations, Captain Aneliswe Tamela from KwaZulu-Natal Joint Operations HQ, wrote the “visible presence of soldiers is a deterrent to criminals operating along the borderline”.

The communication officer further points out the deployment of soldiers along borderlines is a proactive measure to combat criminal activities including illegal cross-border movement of undocumented persons, contraband goods, vehicle smuggling, stock theft and other cross-border criminality”.