Mali tri-border security worrying


The security situation on Mali’s borders with Burkina Faso and Niger has deteriorated to the stage where the UN mission in the landlocked west African country notes “significant” population displacement.

“Attacks by armed terrorist groups have a devastating impact on an already distressed civilian population, resulting in dozens of deaths and significant displacement of populations in Gao and Ansongo towns,” a MINUSMA statement reads.

The mission is “concerned” about these developments condemning killings and other criminal acts. “Every effort must be made to bring the perpetrators to justice”.

In response MINUSMA deployed a unit to the area and will boost its presence with another.

Mission teams mobilised to better assess the impact of violence on communities with a fact-finding investigation of human rights violations and abuses also underway.

MINUSMA remains in close contact with the authorities to determine what additional support it can provide.