Hensoldt does its bit – and more – for rhino protection


Honouring World Rhino day on 22 September 2022, Hensoldt South Africa today – World Rhino Day – celebrates five years of zero poaching on the world’s largest rhino conservancy, where its state of the art technologies have kept large numbers of rhinos safe.

Nationally South Africa lost 259 rhinos in the first six months of this year alone – 10 more than in the corresponding period last year with concern about rising numbers in KwaZulu-Natal.

In 2017, when wildlife poaching stats were soaring, Buffalo Dream Ranch partnered with Hensoldt to design and install a state-of-the-art, proactive security solution and since then, not one animal has been lost to poaching. “Before that, we had poaching every month, sometimes every week,” says John Hume, owner of Buffalo Dream Ranch.

The specially developed system combines a number of advanced sensors, including optical and radar sensors, to monitor the rhinos, farm and surrounding areas. Data from these sensors are fused using advanced analytics at a command and control centre to provide complete situational awareness and early-warning of potential poachers approaching the area.

In combination with existing physical barriers and a team of security personnel, the system augments the total security approach to create a 360-degree surveillance solution, with technology that is always on guard, never fatigues and which cannot be compromised. “We are for the first time in years feeling confident, with Hensoldt, of perfecting protection of our rhinos,” says Hume.

“We are honoured to be part of important initiatives such as the conservation of our wildlife and we aim to expand our efforts.” says Hennie Venter, Chief Executive of the Hensoldt South Africa GEW business unit. “Join us in supporting and advocating important initiatives such as the protection of our majestic animals. Responsible companies’ actions flows from its responsible individuals” adds Venter. The know-how acquired through these projects can be applied for protecting other wildlife and national parks to safekeep endangered species such as lions, elephants and even abalone.

Hensoldt South Africa prides itself on the relationship with its clients. “For us it’s not putting down the equipment and getting the business, for us it’s rather a journey,” says Werner Muller, Hensoldt Chief Executive of Spectrum Monitoring and Security, GEW Business Unit. Because of this philosophy, and because each wildlife scenario is different, with its own unique set of challenges, Hensoldt experts collaborate with each client to develop a solution that addresses their specific needs.

Through its business units, GEW, Radar and Optronics, Hensoldt South Africa delivers solutions to clients across the world and contributes to South Africa’s export industry, while it is firmly grounded in its roots as a proudly South African company, operating in South Africa for South Africa. Hensoldt is committed to continue innovating to protect our wildlife.