Gunners turned border guards net pharmaceuticals


Livestock rustlers and medication smugglers were given short shrift by gunners turned border guards deployed on the South Africa/Zimbabwe border in the Beit Bridge area.

In what is reported as a first for this specific part of the land border, 10 Anti-Aircraft Regiment personnel prevented an unspecified number and type of livestock illegally exiting South Africa. The Lesotho/South Africa border, in Eastern Cape and Free State, is where livestock theft and smuggling is most often halted by soldiers deployed on the border protection tasking, Operation Corona.

Other gunners from the Kimberley regiment manning what Captain Moses Semono terms “waylays”, presumably non-lethal ambushes, between Gate Six and the Malalahoek area, spotted and attempted to stop suspects. The suspects fled leaving behind what is estimated to be almost R500 000 worth of pharmaceutical products. Part of the haul, subsequently handed to police, was 20 250mg Peni-V, 10 50mg Dolaren, 5 691 40g C-4 and 200 ARV pills.

Zimbabwean purveyors of apparently fake brand name trainers and sneakers attempting illegal entry in the vicinity of the Beitbridge port of entry were stopped in their tracks – as it were – by South African and Zimbabwean soldiers.  Six suspects were apprehended and their goods comprising 649 pairs of Adidas, Jordan and Nike branded footwear confiscated. These were valued at R973 500.