Fishermen killed in border dispute – claim


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) accused Ugandan forces of shooting and killing 12 Congolese fishermen on a lake straddling their shared border, denied by the Ugandan army.

A Ugandan soldier was killed when the countries’ navies clashed on Lake Edward.

Oil exploration near the lake has raised the stakes along the border, with each side periodically accusing the other of encroaching on its territory.

Obed Kambale, a spokesman for Congo’s fishing ministry, said Ugandan forces killed 12 fishermen last Friday following naval clashes the previous day. He said Ugandan troops arrested 92 fishermen last week.
“In the coming hours, a significant government delegation from relevant ministries will go to Kampala for talks with Ugandan authorities,” he said.

Uganda army spokesman Richard Karemire could not be immediately reached for comment but said over the weekend reports of Ugandan troops killing Congolese fisherman were not true.

Uganda has a keen interest in eastern Congo’s lawless border zones and battled Congolese forces during a 1998-2003 war in the region when millions died.

UN investigators accused it of backing rebel forces in eastern Congo – something it denies. The two countries recently co-ordinated operations against a Ugandan Islamist group active on Congolese soil.