Explosives, illicit cigarettes confiscated by SANDF during border patrols


In addition to the usual haul of illicit cigarettes and other contraband, members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have confiscated explosives during Operation Corona border patrols, preventing their likely use in ATM robberies.

Earlier this week, the SANDF said member of 4 Artillery Regiment confiscated explosives valued at around R38 000 from three undocumented Zimbabwean nationals on the Western side of the Beitbridge Port of Entry. The suspects were entering South Africa illegally and were found to be carrying 65 Superpower 90 blasting cartridges together with fuses and detonating cords.

The bomb disposal unit from the South African Police Service in Musina was activated and tasked with further investigation of the matter. A case was opened at the SA Police Service and the three suspects were arrested and handed over as well.

Other recent successes included the confiscation of R839 000 worth of illicit cigarettes at Yellow Gate on the Northern side of Musina.

Soldiers at Gate 7 confiscated four boats worth R10 000 and also arrested undocumented persons who were in one boat as they attempted to cross the Limpopo River.

In Pontdrift, on the Western side of Musina, soldiers confiscated illicit cigarettes valued at R301 299 on the R572 while they were busy with foot a patrol. In both cigarette cases, the suspects managed to evade arrest.