EUNavFor Med rescues 140 boat migrants


With the new year not yet three weeks old EUNavFor Med has already rescued 130 boat migrants.

Following a request received on Monday (January 11) from the Italian Maritime Rescue Centre a Spanish maritime patrol P3 Orion spotted two migrant rubber boats in distress in international waters north of the Libyan coast.

The Slovenian patrol ship Triglav and the Spanish frigate Canaris were tasked to assist and 130 people were taken from the rubber boats according a European Union External Action statement. They were all transferred to the Spanish vessel while another group of boat migrants was taken aboard at Italian Coast Guard vessel also operating in the area.

Both vessels set course for Lampedusa Island to disembark the migrants.

Since the launch of the migrant rescue operation in June last year EUNavFor Med under its Operation Sophia tasking has rescued just on 8,500 boat migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea.