Equipment donation boosts Kruger anti-poaching capabilities


The Kruger National Park’s dedicated anti-poaching unit along with the iconic game reserve’s rangers have had a close to R3 million injection of much-needed equipment to further boost efforts to stop poaching of particularly rhino and elephant.

The purchase of the majority of the equipment was made possible via a R1 million donation from Saint-Gobain Gyproc. Another good contribution came from SANParks Honorary Rangers (SHR) West Rand region which raised R100 000. John Turner, national chairman of SHR Conservation Services, also singled out the organisation’s Bushveld and Lowveld regions for good contributions.

SHR activities are directed at safeguarding the future sustainability of South Africa’s national parks and its services are voluntary. Turner pointed out that all SHR projects and in particular those supporting anti- and counter-poaching operations go to those initiatives. “No public money nor any donations or sponsorships are used to run SHR administration and organisation,” he said.

The latest batch of anti-poaching equipment supplied by SHR and the Saint-Gobain Gyproc donation includes survival gear and will impact on easing the plight of rangers at the coalface of anti-poaching operations. It will also assist in making living conditions while on duty in the bush easier.