BMA apprehends more suspects at SA’s ports of entry


The newly established Border Management Authority (BMA) has recorded multiple arrests at various ports of entry of suspects attempting to cross borders with illicit and stolen goods.

On Wednesday 15 November a Mozambican national was arrested at Kosi Bay after being found in possession of stolen goods. A BMA led operation which followed intelligence information, recovered four stolen solar panels and 11 tower batteries.

On investigation, it was discovered that the batteries and panels were part of items stolen in the Empangeni area during a business burglary where a total of 84 tower batteries and solar panels belonging to Eskom were stolen.

The investigating team from Eskom was informed and the suspect was taken to Manguzi police station.

Another BMA operation led to the arrest of two men at the Qachas Nek vulnerable segment in the Eastern Cape land border.

On 14 November, an intelligence driven operation was conducted with Avondale police, BMA members and Border police members on two homesteads along the borderline.

Two men were found in possession of unlicensed firearms where a rifle, a revolver and 48 rounds of ammunition were confiscated. The two men are being held at the Avondale police station.

Last weekend, border guards arrested two people and charged them with the possession of stolen goods, including street lights, that they were attempting to take into Mozambique. The pair was arrested by border guards at the Kosi Bay port of entry when they intercepted state property which was en route to Mozambique on Saturday, 11 November. The state property included 52 street lights worth R1.9 million belonging to the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality.

“The Border Management Authority is committed to maintaining border law enforcement with strict control measures in place to detect and prevent illegal activities. The BMA border guards have been deployed to intercept criminal activities and we are committed to maintaining law and order at our ports on entry,” BMA Commissioner Dr Masiapato said.

The Border Management Authority is the third major armed service in South Africa after the South African National Defence Force and the South African Police Service. It is mandated to perform border management functions within ports of entry and at law enforcement areas.