At least 10 killed in north Kenya clashes: police


Clashes over control of grazing land and water sources in drought-afflicted northern Kenya killed at least 10 people, police said.

Police and local leaders said the fighting occurred on the border between the Isiolo and Samburu districts, an area that is prone to drought and has been plagued by deadly clashes over resources in the past few years.

Marcus Ochola, the deputy police commissioner for Eastern Province, told Reuters six raiders and four local herders had been killed, more people had been wounded and the death toll might rise, Reuters reports.

Civic leader Abdullahi Golicha also put the death toll at 10, split roughly between raiders and herders, and said the fighting was still going on so there could be more casualties.

The clashes were reportedly sparked by raiders from the Samburu community attacking Somali and Borana herdsmen.

In May, about 20 people died in fighting between raiders from Ethiopia and northern Kenyan tribesmen, prompting the two countries to tighten security along the remote frontiers.