Zimbabwe Defence Forces


Zimbabwe Defence Forces

1. Order of battle
2. Overview
3. Defence economics
4. State of military forces
5. Country threat report
6. External deployments
1. Order of Battle

Total force strength Army: 25 000
Air Force: 4 000
Paramilitary: 21 800
Armour 30: Type-59
8: Type-69
Reconnaissance 20: Eland
15: Ferret
80: EE-9 Cascavel (90 mm)
20: AML-90
APC 30: 8 Type-63
22: VTT-323
55: ACMAT TPK 4.20 VSC
36: UR-416
Self-propelled artillery 12: 2S1 122 mm
Towed artillery 4: D-30 122 mm;
16: Type-60 (D-74)
Multiple Rocket Launcher 16: Type-63 107 mm
6: RM-70 Dana 122 mm
Mortar 140: 81 mm/82 mm
60: M-43 120 mm
Air defence gun 36: ZPU-1/ZPU-2/ZPU-414.5 mm
45: ZU-23 23 mm
35: M-1939 37 mm
Air defence missile 30: 9K32 Strela-2 (SA-7 Grail)
Structure 7: brigade HQs
1: armoured regiment
23: infantry battalions
2: artillery regiments
1: engineer support regiment
3: Presidential Guard battalions
1: commando battalion
Air Force
Combat aircraft 6: F-7 II
2: FT-7
12: Hawker Hunter in store
3: MiG-23
Trainer aircraft 11: K-8 Karakorum
5: SF-260M
12: SF-260C/W
6: SF-260F
Maritime/EW/RECCE aircraft 2: O-2A Skymaster
Transport aircraft 5: BN-2 Islander
3: Cessna 337 Skymaster
6: C-212-200 Aviocar
VIP aircraft 2: C-212-200 Aviocar
Combat helicopter 4: Mi-35 Hind;
2: Mi-35P Hind
Transport helicopter 8: Bell 412 Twin Huey
2: SA316 Alouette III
2: AS532UL Cougar (VIP)
2: Bell 205

2. Overview
Head of State and Government: Robert Mugabe
Defence Minister: Sydney Tigere Sekeramayi
Chief of Defence Staff: General Constantine Guveya Chiwenga

Chief of Staff of the Army: Lt Gen Phillip Velario Sibanda
Chief of Staff of the Air Force: Air Marshall Perrance Shiri
Member of: UN, AU AFDB, G15, SADC, etc.
3. Defence economics
Military expenditure (ME) as percentage of GDP (2004-2013)

Military expenditure per US$ Mil (2000-2013)

Military expenditure (ME) percentage growth (2000-2013)

4. State of military forces

The Zimbabwean military is known to have some of the most adept and well-trained soldiers in Africa, partly as a result of their training from a variety of different international armies. After independence the armed forces were trained by the British and since then the government has relied heavily on training programmes as offered through China and North Korea.

However, the armed forces are facing a crisis in that many of the country’s experienced veterans are exiting the armed forces due to age. Another factor hampering the army’s development is the prevalence of HIV/AIDS through its ranks. Zimbabwe’s military is also hampered by the country’s weak economy; as such wage issues often plague the armed forces. Due to an arms embargo placed on the country by the USA and the UK, Zimbabwe has developed a very close relationship with China. China is estimated to be the source of over a third of the country’s major weapon imports.

As Zimbabwe is landlocked it does not possess a navy, however it has developed a strong and effective air force. However, a significant number of its aircraft are either grounded or in storage.
5. Country threat report

Threat type Overview
External • Zimbabwe is currently facing no external security threat.
Internal • Zimbabwe is facing no internal threats.
Regional • Zimbabwe is facing no regional threats.
Political • Zimbabwe is facing a crisis of leadership as it is not known who will succeed Robert Mugabe within the ZANU-PF. This uncertainty could cause problems in the future and lead to factionalism and possible political violence.
Economic • Zimbabwe’s economy is in tatters; the country’s currency has collapsed and is now based around the US$. Foreign investment has also plunged, crippling any future growth

6. Major external deployments

Operation Country Personnel/assets
UNOCI Ivory Coast Troops : 3
MUNUSCO Democratic Republic of Congo Troops: 20
UNAMID Sudan/Darfur Police: 41
Troops: 9
UNISFA Sudan/Abyei region Troops: 3
Police: 4
UNMIL Liberia Troops: 1
Police: 30
UNMISS South Sudan Police: 110
Troops: 202


Ministry of Defence – H/Q

Defence House

Cnr Kwame Nkuruma/ 3rd Street

Telephone: +263-4 250042, 252050 – 7, 700155 – 8, 70077- 8

Ministry of Defencehttp://www.mod.gov.zw/

Zimbabwean National Army http://www.zna.gov.zw/en/