Mauritius military


Mauritius military

1. Order of battle
2. Defence economics
3. State of military forces
4. Country threat report

1. Order of Battle

Total force strength National Police: 8 000
Special Mobile Force: 1 400
National Coast Guard: 750
Special Mobile Force
Reconnaissance Ferret
APC 11: VAB (2 20 mm armed)
7: Tactica
Mortar 2: 81 mm
Rocket launcher 4: LRAC 89 mm
Structure 6 rifle companies
2 mobile paramilitary companies
1 engineering company
1 support platoon
Coast Guard air wing
Maritime/EW/RECCE aircraft 2: Do 228 (Radar equipped)
1: BN-2T Defender
Police Air Wing
Transport helicopter 4: SA 316 Alouette III/HAL Chetak
1: AS 355 Ecureuil 2
1: HAL Dhruv
Coast Guard
Patrol/Strike boat (Gun/Missile/OPV/IPV) 1: Vigilant class (Guardian CAN design)
1: SDB-Mk3
2: Zhuk
1: P-2000
6: Tornado Viking
3: Safeboat
1: CGS Barracuda offshore patrol vessel (for delivery in September 2014)

2. Defence economics
Defence budget percentage per GDP (2000-2010)

Defence budget per US$ Mil (2000-2011)

Defence budget percentage growth (2000-2011)

3. State of military forces

Mauritius does not have a standing army as all military and security activities are carried out by the National Police Force, Special Mobile Force and National Coast Guard. The Special Mobile Force is designed primarily to ensure internal security. The police and paramilitary forces are considered to be well trained and disciplined, contributing to a stable society.

Mauritius receives training and assistance from a number of foreign countries, notably India, which has forged good political, economic and military relations with the island nation. Indian navy vessels often patrol Mauritian waters and India has provided military hardware to the country, such as a HAL Dhruv light utility helicopter in 2009 and a coastal surveillance radar system. Installation of this radar network will start in September 2013. In 2012 India donated two Do 228 maritime surveillance aircraft to Mauritius.

The United Kingdom, France and the United States also provide training and assistance. The United States in particular conducts exercises and training with Mauritius, notably with the country’s coast guard and in 2010 donated three Safeboat Harbour Patrol boats to the government of Mauritius.

This is especially important in combating maritime piracy in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is one of a few countries to try and jail pirates and has accepted dozens of Somali pirates, mostly captured by European Union and NATO warships.
4. Country threat report

Threat type Overview
External • Maritime piracy remains a threat in the region, in spite of a reduction in Somali pirate attacks.
• Mauritius is a minor producer of cannabis for the international drug trade and is a transit point for drugs smugglers.
Internal • Mauritius is considered to be generally stable and safe with an effective police force.
Regional • Mauritius claims the UK-administered island of Diego Garcia and the French-administered Tromelin Island.
Political • Mauritius is considered to be democratically, economically and politically stable.
Economic • Mauritius has a growing industrial, financial, and tourist sector and annual economic growth has been between 4 and 6 percent since independence was gained in 1968.