Congo (Republic of)


Armed Forces of the Republic of the Congo

1. Order of battle
2. Overview
3. Defence economics
4. State of military forces
5. Country threat report
6. External deployments

1. Order of Battle

Total force strength Army: 10 000
Navy: 300
Air: 500
Gendarmerie: 1 400
National People’s Militia: 4 500
Army (Armee de Terre)
Structure 2 armoured battalions
2 infantry battalions
1 para-commando battalion
1 commando battalion
1 artillery group
1 engineer battalion
Armour 25: T-54/55
15: Type 59
8: Type 62
3: PT-76
Reconnaissance 24: BRDM-1/2
APC 20: BTR-152
18: BTR-50
28: BTR-60
18: Mamba
9: ZFB-05
32: Marauder
Self-propelled artillery 3: 2S1 Carnation
Towed artillery 8: D-30 122 mm
5: M-46 130 mm
10: M-1944
Multiple Rocket Launcher 10: BM-21 122 mm
BM14/16 122/140 mm
Mortar 28: M-43 120 mm
?: 82 mm
Recoilless rifle 5: ZIS–2 M-1943
Rocket launcher RPG-7 Knout 73 mm
Anti-tank missile AT-3 Sagger
Air defence gun 28: M-1939 37 mm
16: ZPU-2/4 14.5 mm
S-60 57 mm
KS-19 100 mm
Air Force (Armee de l’Air Congolaise)
Combat aircraft 4: Mirage F1
12: MiG-21 (non-operational)
Trainer aircraft 4: L-39 Albatros
Transport aircraft 1: An-12BK Cub
5: An-24 Coke
1: An-26 Curl
1: N-2501 Noratlas
1: B727
1: F-28
Combat helicopter 2: Mi-24 Hind (In store)
6: Mi-35
Transport helicopter 2: Mi-14
1: Mi-26
1: AS 365 Dauphin II
1: SA 318 Alouette II
1: SA 316 Alouette III
3: Mi-8 Hip (In store)
1: SA 365 Dauphin
Patrol 3: Zhuk class harbour patrol (Non-operational)
3: Pirana class (Non-operational)
4: Arco class river patrol
Tug 1: Hinda class

2. Overview

Minister of the Presidency in charge of National Defence: Div Gen Charles Richard Mondjo
Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces: Maj Gen Guy Blanchard Okoi
Member of: UN, AU, ICAO, AfDB, Seabeds Committee
3. Defence economics
Defence budget percentage per GDP (2000-2010)

Defence budget per US$ Mil (2000-2011)

Defence budget percentage growth (2000-2011)
4. State of military forces

The Republic of Congo has a long history of conflict and political instability, most recently the civil war between 1997 and 2003. The current state of the country’s armed forces is difficult to fathom but it is believed that the army is relatively weak due to limited and poorly maintained equipment, poor discipline and low morale. The military is mainly geared towards internal security. Some new acquisitions have been made over the last decade, notably helicopters and fighter jets for the Air Force and armoured vehicles for the Army.
5. Country threat report

Threat type Overview
External • Congo is currently facing no external military threat.
Internal • Congo is currently considered to be internally stable.
Regional  • The security situation within the DRC and the Central African Republic may affect Congo’s external security policy making.
• Although not a threat as such, Maritime piracy in the gulf of Guinea has to be considered as a potential future threat.
Political  • Congo is currently considered to be politically stable.
Economic  • Oil is the mainstay of the economy, accounting for around 95% of export earnings and 50% of GDP.

6. External deployments

Operation Country Personnel/assets
Peace building CAR 150

Contact details:

Ministry of National Defence

Quartier General



Tel +242 833 365/831 728

Armed Forces HQ

P.O. Box 138



Tel +242 940746

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