Military of Chad

1. Order of battle
2. Defence economics
3. Overview
4. State of military forces
5. Country threat report
6. External deployments

1. Order of Battle

Total force strength Army: 20 000
Air Force: 240
Republican Guard: 5000
Gendarmerie: 4500
Total: 29 750
Armour +/- 60: T-55
Reconnaissance +/- 80: AML 60/90
? 100: BRDM-2
20: EE – 9 Cascavel
8: Commando V-150
4: ERC 90 Sagaie
31: RAM 2000
APC 120: BMP-1
10: WZ-523/Type-05P
22: Bastion Patsas
24: BTR-80
12: BTR-3
20: BTR-60
10: M3
Self-propelled artillery 10: 2S1 Carnation 122 mm
Towed artillery 5: M-2 105 mm
10: M101 105 mm
Multiple Rocket Launcher 4: BM-21
Mortar 30: 81 mm
?: AM-50 120 mm
Anti-armour Milan
Recoilless rifle  M-40A1 106 mm
Rocket launcher RPG-7 Knout
LRAC 89 mm
Air defence gun ZPU – 1/2/3 14.5 mm
 ZU – 23 23 mm
Air defence missile SA-6
50: SA-16
250: SA-24
Air Force
Combat aircraft 6: Su-25 Frogfoot (including 2 Su-25UB)
Trainer/light attack aircraft 1: PC-7
1: PC-9
2: SF-260M Warrior
Transport aircraft 1: C-130 Hercules
1: C-212
2: An-26 Curl
1: Beech 1900
1: DC-9
5: FTB 337
1: PC-6
2: C-27J
Combat helicopter 7: Mi-24 Hind
Transport helicopter 8: Mi-8/17 Hip
2: SA 316 Alouette III
6: AS 350/AS 550 Fennec
1: SA 341 Gazelle
3: SA 330B Puma

2. Overview
Defence Minister: Benaindo Tatola
Chief of General Staff: Brigadier General Seid Dahab
Army Chief of Staff: General Zakaria Ngobongue
Conscription: 36 months
Member of: UN, AU, AfDB, ICAO
3. Defence economics
Defence budget percentage per GDP (2000-2010)

Defence budget per US$ Mil (2000-2011)

Defence budget percentage growth (2000-2011)

4. State of military forces

The Military of Chad is geared towards combating the numerous rebel groups inside the country. Government and rebel forces in Chad are both comprised mainly of infantry armed with light weapons and vehicles. However, Chad’s military is making increasing use of armoured vehicles, tanks and combat aircraft, which have been used to attack rebel bases in Chad and Sudan.

In the last five years Chad has re-equipped its military, mainly receiving armoured vehicles and small arms, mainly from Eastern Europe. Arms imports between 2004 and 2008 were five times higher than in the period 1999-2003, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Chad’s military has been reorganised in recent years and the Ministry of Defence was scrapped in August 2011, making defence a function attached to the President’s Office.

As Chad was formerly a French colony, France maintains military relations with the North African country and currently has around 1 000 personnel in Chad as part of Operation Epervier. These troops are based in N’Djamena, Abeche and Faya Largeau. This includes several infantry companies, an army aviation detachment, a combat aircraft group and a transport group.
5. Country threat report

Threat type Overview
External • Chad is facing a continued threat from rebel forces operating from the Darfur region in Sudan. Chadian authorities have previously accused the Sudanese government of supporting these groups. There is also a continued threat from terrorism already plaguing the rest of the Maghreb region.
Internal  • There are continuing fights among rival clans in northern Chad.
Regional • The security situations in Libya, Sudan, Mali, CAR and the rest of the Maghreb region may affect Chad’s external security policy making.
Political  • Chad is considered to be politically stable under the current government.
Economic  • Chad’s economy suffers from geographical remoteness and 85 percent of the country’s population depends on subsistence agriculture. The country is also highly dependent on foreign support and donations. Recent oil and gas discoveries and production could to a large extend improve the country’s economy but projects are hampered by insecurity and bad infrastructure.

6. External deployments

Operation Country Personnel/assets
Military assistance  Mali 2000