Veecraft partners with Unique Group for manufacture of Hydracraft 1400


Veecraft Marine, subsidiary of Paramount Maritime Holdings, and Unique Group yesterday announced a strategic Agreement for the continued manufacture of HYDRACraft 1400 Diving Daughtercraft.

The maritime platform will be deployed by UniqueGroup customers with the primary purpose of supporting ongoing offshore oil and gas diving operations, Veecraft said.

Built from composites and aluminium, the lightweight 14 metre, HYDRACraft 1400 Diving Daughtercraft can be deployed from a single point Mac Gregor 10T Davit while supporting the diving operations of up to 3 divers, hosts diesel jet propulsion and is fully integrated with the latest in contemporary diving systems, Veecraft said.

CEO of Paramount Maritime, James Fisher, stated: “The HYDRACraft 1400 project is a fantastic example of multinational maritime collaboration, the joining of forces between Unique Group’s diving expertise and Veecraft’s ability to design and manufacture wholly-customized commercial sea-craft. The order is a repeat build for our customer, with the release of additional HYDRACraft 1400 into the offshore O&G market serving as a testament to the success of both our collaboration and the product in this stringent and demanding industry.”

Delivery is scheduled for January 2019.

The designed specifications of the HYDRACraft 1400 will be tested during upcoming sea trials. Vessel maneuverability will also be tested – including an endurance run at full speed. The Sea Trial will mark part of the official acceptance of the HYDRACraft 1400, according to Flag State rules and regulations.