Veecraft launches two workboats for SA Special Forces


Cape Town-based Veecraft Marine, part of the Paramount Group, has launched two workboats for the South African Special Forces to support their

activities on the Langebaan Lagoon.

Veecraft said the 11 metre long vessels were launched at the end of March and will play a supporting role in the transport of equipment to and from the regiment’s facilities.

The vessels have been customised to meet requirements to transport stores and spares and feature large open working decks with a small hydraulic crane. With removable hand rails that can be replaced with a series of frames, the aft deck can be enclosed with a waterproof cover during rainy seasons.

The boats will provide support for diving operations as well as the servicing of anchor buoys. Manned by a crew of three, the workboats have a breadth of four metres, draught of 1.2 metres and gross tonnage of 11.6 tonnes.

They are powered by a six cylinder MAN D2866 LXE40 main diesel engine developing between 190 and 279 kW, driving a five blade fixed pitch propeller giving a speed of 12 knots.
“Almost half way through the year, we are pleased to have already delivered a number of new vessels into the market for various clients in South Africa and on the continent,” said Nautic CEO Greg Wessels. “We’ve also spent a great deal of energy in developing innovative design concepts for existing and potentially new markets. From the smaller workboats launched for the Langebaan Lagoon to the massive project to supply passenger ferries to the Ivory Coast, Nautic is stepping up to the challenge of promoting our name and the capabilities of the South African shipbuilding sector at a time when Africa should be building for Africa.”

Veecraft Marine specialises in manufacturing steel and aluminium vessels for government and private clients around the globe. In 2014 it was acquired by Nautic Africa, part of the Paramount Group. Veecraft has previously supplied vessels to the South African Navy, such as Project Xena riverine patrol boats for the Maritime Reaction Squadron.