US Navy awards General Dynamics contract to develop advanced submarine technologies


The US Navy has awarded General Dynamics subsidiary Electric Boat a US$33.5 million contract modification for the development of advanced submarine technologies.

Under the terms of the contract modification, Electric Boat will perform advanced submarine research and development studies in support of a wide range of technology areas including manufacturability, maintainability, survivability, hydrodynamics, acoustics and materials. Electric Boat also will conduct research and development work in additional areas including manning, hull integrity, performance, ship control, logistics, weapons handling and safety. Additionally, the contract supports near-term Virginia-class technology insertion, identification of Ohio-class replacement technology options, future submarine concepts and core technologies.

Initially awarded in November 2010, the contract being modified has a total potential value of US$711.4 million over a total of five years if all options are exercised and funded. The November contract was worth US$36 million.

Earlier this month, the US Navy awarded Electric Boat a US$1.2 billion contract for the construction of the 14th Virginia-class submarine, SSN-787.

The Virginia-class was designed as the first US submarine for the post-Cold War era. Virginia-class submarines displace 7,800 tons, with a hull length of 377 feet and a diameter of 34 feet. They are capable of speeds in excess of 25 knots, can dive to a depth greater than 800 feet, and feature attack missiles and unmanned underwater vehicles.

In 2008 Electric Boat was contracted to build eight Virginia-class submarines at a potential cost of US$14 billion.