UK nuclear sub docks in Simon’s Town ts SA


A nuclear powered Royal Navy submarine, HMS Talent, is spending “a few days” in port at the SA Navy’s main base, Simon’s Town.

“She is not here on either an operational deployment or as part of an official visit. It is purely and simply an operational stand-down and her crew are currently enjoying South African and specifically Simon’s town hospitality,” British High Commission spokesman Gary Benham said.

Sadly for naval enthusiasts the technically advanced, nuclear powered hunter killer submarine will not be open to the public during her brief sojourn alongside. Simon’s Town naval base media relation officer Commander Greyling van der Berg confirmed visitors were not going to be allowed aboard the Trafalgar-class submarine. “We have to abide by the Royal Navy’s request in this regard,” he said adding she was expected to leave “early next week”.

According to the Royal Navy website Talent left her home port of Devonport in Plymouth earlier this year following a deep maintenance period. “She emerged with an enhanced equipment capability early in 2012,” the website said. Talent is the penultimate platform of seven Trafalgar Class submarines. Since launching in 1988 she has conducted operations worldwide in her principal role as a hunter killer.

Additionally Talent can be deployed in a surveillance role as she is fitted with cameras and thermal imaging periscopes. Tomahawk missiles give her a land attack role as well. This is the not the first nuclear submarine to visit Simon’s town in recent years. Last year an American submarine spent a few days in port and there have also been two previous port calls by at least two other Trafalgar class boats.