Turkey to build six Type 214 subs


Turkey is to build six type 214 submarines.


The country last week signed a deal with Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW), Kiel, a company in the ThyssenKrupp Technologies stable and MarineForce International LLP (MFI), London, for the delivery of six material packages for the construction of the submarines.





The contract was signed in Ankara in the presence of the Turkish Defence Minister Mehmet Vecdi Gönül, theChairman of the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG Dr. Olaf Berlien, the Member of the Board of Executive of ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG Dr. Hans Christoph Atzpodien, the Parliamentary State

Secretary at the German Ministry of Defence Thomas Kossendey and the Chief of Naval Staff Vice-Admiral Wolfgang E. Nolting.


ThyssenKrupp says the six submarines are to be equipped with an air independent propulsion system based on the HDW fuel-cell technology will be built by Gölçük Naval Shipyards (GNSY) near Izmit. The shipyard has already built 11 Type 209 submarines for the Turkish Navy.


“By placing this order, Turkey is another country to equip her navy with this at present most modern air independent submarine type,” ThyssenKrupp adds in a statement. There will then be 36 submarines with HDW fuel cell propulsion systems in operation world-wide.


Berlien says the new order will be further strengthened “HDW`s position as world market leader in the sector of non-nuclear submarines. The contract safeguards not only jobs at

HDW, but also several hundred jobs at subcontractors all over Germany for some time to come.”


HDW built the SA Navy`s three Heroine-class Type 209 submarines.