Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard visits South African Navy


The Fisheries Protection Vessel TTS Nelson II from the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard recently paid a visit to Simon’s Town where its crew visited South African Navy vessels and the crew liaised with their local counterparts.

The South African Navy reported the vessel visited Simon’s Town naval base between 6 and 9 October.

Commander Jason Kelshall of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force was given a gift by Rear Admiral (Junior Grade) Guy Jamieson on behalf of Flag Officer Fleet while visiting crew were given a tour of the frigate SAS Isandlwana and a cocktail function.

The visit included a courtesy call by the Officer Commanding of TTS NELSON II, Commander Jason Kelshall, the Communications Officer on board, Sub Lieutenant Valene Valentine and Mr Marlot Gilbert, the first Secretary High Commission for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as well as the South African Naval Liaison Officer, Lieutenant Commander Naeema Sonday on 6 October. The group was welcomed by the Acting Flag Officer Fleet, Rear Admiral (Junior Grade) G. Jamieson.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is occupied with drug interdiction and anti-smuggling and disaster relief functions. TTS NELSON II is a multi-purpose patrol vessel. Her intended use is maritime training, fishery protection, offshore energy installation protection and environment protection in the Caribbean archipelago.

Trinidad and Tobago is driven by its energy sector with oil, natural gas and petrochemical industries contributing the biggest share of the economy. The geographical location of the twin islands has made it a major trans-shipment point for illegal activities.

HMS Orkney was an Island-class patrol vessel launched in 1976 for the Royal Navy. She was retired in 1999 before becoming TTS Nelson of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard.

Other recent visitors to Simon’s Town were two British yachts, the DISCOVERER and ADVENTURE, which docked at the Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town on 13 October, the SA Navy reports. These vessels embarked on an around-the-world voyage as part of United Kingdom (UK) forces.

The voyage started in July 2015 from Portsmouth England to Spain. The second leg of the voyage was from Spain to Rio de Janeiro with the third leg from Rio de Janeiro to South Africa (Cape Town). The voyage is expected to conclude in August 2016 back in Portsmouth. The crews are currently having a rest and conducting minor maintenance.

The vessels sailed from Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, 26 September with 15 crew members in each vessel from different arms of service of the UK armed forces. The next crew will fly into Cape Town from England.

The yacht DISCOVERER was built at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Devonport Royal Dockyard in 2000. The overall length of the yacht is 22 meters with the beam of 22 meters, draught of 3.1 meters, displacement of 43 tonnes and registered tonnage 57.24. ADVENTURE was built in 2003 with the same specifications.

The crews will rotate on 18 October with the new crew leaving for Perth, Australia on 22 October.