Thales unveils unique counter-piracy service solution


PASTOR is a high-level services solution based on a combination of early warning, prevention and deterrence systems.

Key points:

* Thales unveils unique counter-piracy service solution for shipping companies and coastguards.
* Four missions: threat detection (radar), identification (optronics), deterrence (searchlight) and protection measures in the event of an attack.
* Benefits: enhanced protection for crew, reduced risk of kidnapping and ransom situations, lower costs associated with piracy (insurance premiums, theft of cargo, route changes, late deliveries, etc).

At Euronaval 2014, Thales is unveiling PASTOR, a unique service solution to protect vessels against piracy. Primarily designed for shipping companies, this high-level services solution is based on a combination of early warning, prevention and deterrence systems.

Piracy today has serious human and economic consequences, and can damage the economies and stability of the countries concerned. The PASTOR solution alerts shipping companies to piracy threats ahead of time, helping them avoid the additional costs of route changes, late deliveries, thefts of cargo, large on-board vessel protection teams and higher insurance premiums.

The PASTOR service solution is designed around a set of proven products and systems to protect vessels, cargoes and crews quickly and effectively during the day and at night. It is available as turnkey solution and is fully modular and scalable to meet evolving needs.

PASTOR comprises detection (radar) and identification (gyrostabilised optronic system) functions to provide the vessel’s security officer or on-board protection team with early warning of any potential piracy threat. It includes a powerful searchlight to act as a deterrent and ward off attackers. The solution includes intuitive data management software, which automatically issues alerts and provides the relevant authorities with clear and simple information about an attack. An automated digital radio system enables vessels in the vicinity to identify each other.

A dynamic map of the threat situation can be compiled based on the data gathered by the various radar, optronic and identification systems deployed in the area.

PASTOR is available as a service contract, including quick installation and removal of self-contained vessel protection kits tailored to each company’s route plans, as well as system maintenance and user training.

“PASTOR is specially designed to detect and identify the small, fast craft typically used by pirates while they are still a long way off, allowing to rapidly implement the most appropriate response measures.

“PASTOR supports the continued growth and development of the shipping industry by improving crew safety and reducing the costs associated with piracy,” says Gérard Herby, Thales VP Services for the Secure Communication and Information Systems business.

Notes to editors

With almost 90 years of experience in delivering equipment, systems and services to naval and maritime forces, Thales provides shipping companies around the world with early warning, prevention, deterrence and protection solutions to keep their crews safe and their vessels secure.

These solutions support effective decision-making by providing users with clear, timely and operationally relevant information about their environment.