Technology boost for Cybicom Atlas Defence


An agreement has been reached in principle to transfer additional CMS technology from Atlas Elektronik to CAD.

The majority locally-owned defence company Cybicom Atlas Defence (CAD) has been the custodian for the source code and development infrastructure for the ISUS Combat Management System (CMS) installed on the South African submarines since the initial delivery.

The large technology transfer program enabled CAD to maintain and support the submarines and to develop the Engineering Test Bed (ETB), which has been used extensively for both training and engineering since commissioning.

Building on the knowledge base of naval CMSes and mission system integration, CAD and Atlas Elektronik are proud to announce that an agreement has been reached in principle to transfer additional CMS technology from Atlas Elektronik to CAD.

The transfer of technology involves the licensing to CAD of certain building blocks from the Atlas Elektronik “Atlas Integrated Mission System” (AIMS) CMS for surface combatants. The nature of the modular approach to systems development undertaken by Atlas Elektronik makes the transfer feasible, and will allow CAD to merge the existing capabilities in the fields of maritime domain awareness, naval and maritime command and control, with the proven core technologies provided by Atlas Elektronik.

“The transfer of this technology into a South African-owned company shows our strong commitment to the local defence industry, and our ongoing support for the South African Navy,” says Christian Schwarz, who is a newly appointed director of CAD, and a member of the executive board of Atlas Elektronik.

The long-term strategy is for CAD to modify the AIMS CMS into an affordable, entry-level command and control system, which is based on proven and existing technology. The new version of the AIMS CMS will fit in at the bottom end of the global product portfolio of Atlas Elektronik. From a South African point of view, the prospect of having this capability locally and the associated export opportunities is extremely attractive.

This new agreement once again demonstrates that CAD has become a major player in the naval systems integration environment in South Africa.