Somali pirates seize second Yemeni vessel: official


Somali pirates captured a Yemeni vessel on Christmas Day, a day after they seized another ship from the Arab country, a regional maritime official said yesterday.

“MV Socotra 1 was taken by pirates on December 25. She is still under captivity,” said Andrew Mwangura, coordinator of the Kenya-based East Africa Sea Farers’ Assistance Programme.

He had no more details on the ship.

A day earlier, sea gangs that have made the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean waters off east Africa very dangerous boarded another Yemeni ship, the Al Mahmoud 2, and forced it and its 16-member crew toward their base.

The pirates also captured the British-flagged Asian Glory with 25 crew members and the Singapore-flagged chemical tanker Pramoni on New Year’s Day.

The pirates have made millions of dollars from hijacking ships for ransom in one of the world’s busiest shipping routes. They are holding at least 10 other vessels.