Seychelles to open port security head office


The South Asian and African Regional Ports Security Cooperative (SAARPSCO) is scheduled to open its head office in Seychelles, APA learned in the Seychellois capital Victoria yesterday.

The decision was taken following a conference on maritime security and safety here where representatives from Bangladesh, France, Germany, Kenya, Mauritius, Sudan and local shipping organisations took part.

During the conference, many recommendations were made by delegates on issues such as piracy and surveillance in the region, technology as a key enabler towards enhancing maritime security, international maritime information sharing, drug trafficking in Seychelles, and arms proliferation and its impact on port security.

The organisation’s newly elected Chairman and Seychelles Ports Authority Chief Executive, Lieutenant Colonel Andre Ciseau, indicated that the organisation was expected to get sponsorship from businesses, governments and the maritime industry.

Ciseau added that the next step for SAARPSCO was to bring more countries with maritime industry on board and educate them about its benefits.

The Lieutenant Colonel also declared that the organisation will harmonise the safety and security aspects of all ports in the region to allow them to be recognised by transport firms around the world.