Senegal interested in Indonesian vessels


Senegal has expressed interest in acquiring civil and military vessels from Indonesia, including a landing platform dock.

In May 2012 then Indonesian ambassador Andradjati said his country would improve cooperation with Senegal and between October and November 2013 an Indonesian trade mission visited the West African country. Leading the mission, the Ministry of Commerce’s Director General of Foreign Trade Partogi Pangaribuan declared “Indonesia will utilize Senegal […] as entry points for West African market access”.

Senegal responded favourably. Dakar already bought two CN-235-220M multipurpose aircraft from PT Dirgantara Indonesia in 2011 in a $13 million deal brokered by A.D.-Trade Belgium. The aircraft are primarily used for general logistics and transport duties but that can also be deployed for the insertion of paratroopers, medical evacuation, and VIP transport, due to their quick-change configuration.

But as the country now claims ownership on offshore oil fields off the coast of Saint Louis in its Northernmost region, a claim disputed by Mauritania, and export 70% of its goods by sea, a request for advanced warships was quick to come. On 6 September, the Senegalese government expressed interest in buying six warships and four commercial ships in another deal brokered by AD Trade Belgium in cooperation with Eximbank Indonesia, this time with PT PAL shipyard. The ships would include KCR 60 fast missile boats, a model PT PAL is already seeking to sell to Guinea Bissau but also Gabon and Nigeria.

According to strategic intelligence newsletter TTU, Dakar is also interested in acquiring a 123m Tarlac-class landing platform dock, a ship based on the Indonesian Navy’s Makassar class also built by PT PAL.

Current Indonesian ambassador to Senegal Mansyur Pangeran, who recently met with PT PAL President Director Budiman Saleh, said so far Senegal has purchased ships from France and “this is an opportunity for Indonesia to promote PT PAL products in Africa with technology and price highly competitive.” Meanwhile, Budiman Saleh declared that Africa is a potential market for his shipyard products and that from Senegal PT PAL could penetrate other markets in Africa. Incidentally PT PAL also offers offshore platforms for oil explorations.

Written by ADIT – The Bulletin and republished with permission.