Saab’s world-class Sea Giraffe 1X : The compact and capable 3D Surveillance radar for all Navy requirements


In critical situations where every second counts and uncertainty can become a matter of life or death, time is the most valuable asset. With time on their side, ocean vessel crews are far better prepared and in control of their environment when they’re patrolling waters – to protect national assets and others that use the oceans – if they have a world-class 3D Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) Surveillance Radar at their fingertips.

With multi-role capabilities, simultaneous air, and surface surveillance, Saab’s Sea Giraffe 1X offers a higher level of situational awareness across multiple naval domains, including the ever pressing need to detect and track small targets to high-speed airborne threats. This capability means that users of the Sea Giraffe 1X radars will have time to manage any threats, in any waters, in any situation.

The Sea Giraffe 1X is a multi-purpose, lightweight 3D AESA radar system operates on the X band and offers outstanding performance.  The radar is optimised for maritime security and force protection operations because of the small footprint and compact size, but its capabilities reach well beyond these and can fulfil the demands of conventional naval warfare requirements. Our Sea Giraffe 1X radar has been developed on the foundation of over 60 years of radar technology and is part of the broader successful Saab Giraffe family of surveillance radars.

The Sea Giraffe 1X will enhance the capabilities of any maritime vessel and enable them to execute their assigned missions.  This radar is the perfect choice for coastal navies, amphibious forces, and coast guards looking for a higher performance radar system with an extremely small footprint and a very low and attractive life cycle cost. With easily adapted interfaces, Sea Giraffe 1X has been developed to integrate into your combat system or maritime domain awareness architecture.

The Sea Giraffe 1X has attained significant milestones in its short product lifespan and has recently been included into the sensor package of two prominent naval surface combatant projects. Saab will deliver a Sea Giraffe Multi Sensor Solution, which includes both the Sea Giraffe 1X and a fixed-face Sea Giraffe 4A radar systems for the Finnish Navy’s new Pohjanmaa-class corvettes. The Sea Giraffe 1X radar system has also been included as part of the German Navy’s combat system and surveillance sensor upgrade onboard the Brandenburg-Class F123 frigates.  In both cases, Saab will be the prime Combat System solution provider and will install and integrate the Sea Giraffe 1X radar as part of the maritime capabilities for these two navies.

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