Saab Grintek Defence to provide communication management system for Saab Airborne Surveillance System


The UAE and Saab signed a $1.27 billion contract for the provision of advanced surveillance aircraft, which includes the AviCom Communications Management System.

The signing of the $1.27 billion contract between the United Arab Emirates and Saab for the provision of advanced surveillance aircraft will have a positive impact on its South African company Saab Grintek Defence (SGD). The new airborne Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS), incorporating a new version of the Saab Erieye radar system, also includes the AviCom Communications Management System, produced at its facilities in Centurion, South Africa.

“Saab Grintek Defence’s fourth-generation integrated communications management system – AviCom – which was released last year, provides an integrated aircraft communication management system, providing a user-friendly interface to simplify aircrew interaction, improving operational effectiveness and flight safety,” says Leif Karlsson, acting president and CEO of SGD.

SGD’s family of communications management systems have a proven track record and are utilised in a multitude of platforms across the globe. The current fourth-generation system provides a capability of flexible configurations ranging from two-seat aircraft, helicopters to large cargo and special mission aircraft. The flexible and scalable architecture can be adapted to meet user requirements, interfacing to multiple users and/or multiple radios, typical of special mission aircraft, resulting in optimal configurations that enhance operational capability.

AviCom’s primary capabilities include:

* Excellent speech intelligibility due to the use of digital audio.
* Open system architecture for flexible and easy avionics integration. 
* Modular and expandable hardware and software architecture. 
* Powerful digital communications bus (DCB) structure offering system scalability, multiple redundancy and backup features.
* Simplified and reduced aircraft looms due to the distributed DCB structure.
* Programmable human-machine interface.
* Adaptable to user requirements.
* Direct sunlight readable and night vision goggle compatible displays.
* Secure communication capability.

“It is important that our local products form part of the global Saab offerings and solutions. AviCom’s selection showcases it’s capability to meet mission-critical communication demands of this state-of-the-art multi-crew airborne surveillance aircraft,” says Leif Karlsson.
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