Route Clearance Package not just a product – it is about saving lives


The Husky VMMDS is designed to provide mine detection capability while the operator is protected from mines and kinetic energy projectiles, says DCD Protected Mobility. 

DCD Protected Mobility is working closely with governments and its partners throughout the world, finding a tailor-made solution to address the ever-growing concern of finding and detecting landmines and IEDs.

DCD Protected Mobility is the manufacturer of the Husky VMMD (Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection) system, while its US partner, CSI, provides training to the Iraq Ministry of Defence to help defend Tikrit and Mosul, a pair of cities under attack by the Islamic State terrorist group. Seven CSI employees worked side-by-side with Iraqi soldiers to teach them how to use and maintain the 25 vehicles.

The typical Route Clearance Package consists of two Husky VMMD systems with ground penetrating radar (GPR), followed by the Husky, with interrogation arm and supported by a range of Springbuck family vehicles (security, command and control, explosive ordnance disposal and casevac).

The VMMDS is designed to provide mine detection capability while the operator is protected from mines and kinetic energy projectiles. This vehicle is regarded as the safest mine protected vehicle in the world, and the amounts of hits taken by these vehicles have saved many soldiers’ lives. The modular design of the vehicle also makes it field repairable.

Husky (VMMDS) unique features

Combat proven around the world since the early 1980s, the Husky is a unique landmine and improvised explosive device (IED) detection vehicle that is blast survivable, overpass capable, and field repairable. Suitable for use in both rural and urban environments, the Husky facilitates fast and efficient route clearance by creating safe passage for military convoys and civilian vehicles.

Blast survivable

Huskies in service worldwide have been collectively subjected to more 7 000 landmine and IED strikes, with minimal operator casualties. This ability to successfully execute dangerous route-clearing missions and return to base safely has generated the hard-earned loyalty and confidence of countless Husky operators.

Operator survivability is achieved through the Husky’s V-shaped hull and ability to shed secondary components in a predictable fashion – taken together, these two design features shield the driver from the worst impact of an IED blast.

Overpass capable

One of the most unique aspects of the Husky is its ability to pass over pressure-fused anti-vehicle landmines without detonating them.

Field repairable

Vehicle components have been engineered in a unique modular configuration so, in the event of an IED detonation, they will break apart in a predictable fashion. This facilitates fast in-field repairs, decreasing vehicle downtime and increasing system durability.

The Husky system has been established as a legend in various major defence forces throughout the world. The full Route Clearance Package is available from DCD Protected Mobility, working together to rid the world of unexploded ordnance that is scattered around the planet, killing people every single day. DCD Protected Mobility feels honoured to partner with its clients in saving lives and protecting people.