Rippel Effect partners with FN Herstal


The company has teamed up with FN Herstal to provide a 40mm ammunitions solution to a third-party client.

Rippel Effect Systems, in yet another co-operation with a well-known international manufacturer, has partnered with FN Herstal in providing a unique 40mm solution to a third-party client. Rippel, being internationally recognised as the pioneer of the 40mm Medium Velocity (40mm MV) concept, is already the chosen partner for 40mm MV ammunition manufacturers around the globe.

Rippel Effect is internationally known as an innovative, solutions driven producer of 40mm multi-shot grenade launcher products, including its own range of locally manufactured sighting systems. Its XRGL40 Extended Range Grenade Launcher is independently qualified to fire low velocity, medium velocity and less lethal ammunition from the same weapon.

The fact that the XRGL40 is also capable of cycling, on semi-automatic, the latest less lethal ammunition products, has now led to Rippel Effect partnering with FN Herstal in bringing another innovative solution.

The latest Fire Control System (FCS) from FN Herstal, the FN FCU Mk3, will be integrated onto the XRGL40 weapon platform. The integration comes at the request of a third-party client for very specific outcome requirements. The capability of the XRGL40 to fire different types of ammunition, together with the advanced sighting and ranging capabilities of the FN FCU Mk3, has met the client’s very stringent requirements for first hit probability and accuracy of the total system.

The FN FCU Mk3 replaces complex decision-making with an automatically adjusted reticle, which makes target engagement faster and more accurate during night and daytime operations. Press, aim, shoot is the operation philosophy behind this system. Irrespective of the ammunition type required for the operation, the weapon can be loaded according to the operational requirements and the correct ballistic type can be selected from the FN FCU Mk3, immediately adjusting the reticle to target based on the ammunition type, ballistic profile, target distance, temperature and slope.

The Rippel Effect XRGL40 extended range grenade launcher is in service with 15 countries, including two NATO countries. The FN FCU Mk3 fire control unit is in service or under evaluation by a number of military, law enforcement and Special Forces worldwide. It has been recently selected to be part of the Infanterist der Zukunft: Erweitertes System (Idz-ES) programme for the German Army.