RFA Gold Rover arrives in Simon’s Town


The Royal Navy’s Fleet Auxiliary Vessel RFA Gold Rover has arrived in Simon’s Town for a month long visit.

The 140 metre long vessel arrived on 1 July and will depart on 1 August, according to the SA Navy, which said the informal visit will give the crew time to rest and recuperate.

RFA Gold Rover was built to replenish Royal Navy ships with fuel, oil, aviation fuel, lubricants, fresh water and a limited amount of dry cargo and refrigerated stores. RFA Gold Rover is one of the original five Admiralty-designed and commissioned ships.

Gold Rover and her sister Black Rover are the last two in service with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. The others have all been phased out as part of a worldwide effort to replace single-hulled tankers with more environmentally safe double-hulled vessels.