Protecting Somali waters – a joint EUNavFor/AMISOM effort


Crew members from ITS Margottini continue the regional co-operation EU NavFor has established with the AMISOM Marine unit off the coast of Mogadishu.

Following several interactions last year, Margottini’s Italian crew took the opportunity to patrol local waters off the coast of Mogadishu with the AMISOM unit earlier this month. The pair of marine units conducted co-ordinated boat drills and exchanged training and ideas on boat safety, maintenance and sea survival.

This work is vital in understanding the capabilities of local forces and for EU NavFor to see first-hand what needs to be done to develop Somali maritime capabilities. It also provides opportunities for local law enforcement agencies to protect own waters and fishermen along the Somali coastline.

Maritime training with regional partners, such as AMISOM, is an important aspect of Operation Atalanta’s work to deter piracy off the coast of Somalia. The aim is to strengthen co-operation and increase the capability and capacity of regional maritime forces to help seafarers stay safe during their transits across the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.