Protected mobility


DCD Protected Mobility’s Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection System is designed for countermine and non-conventional explosive detection.

DCD Protected Mobility is the leader in design, manufacture, integration and support of special purpose tactical wheeled vehicles, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions. DCD Protected Mobility is a fully accredited, socially responsible, international systems house, providing sustainable products and solutions for the defence and transport sectors.

DCD Protected Mobility, in collaboration with its partners, has evolved into world leaders in the route clearance space, assuring mobility of forces and civilians on the modern battlefield and post-conflict situations. Its products play a significant role in these missions by leading and protecting military and civilian convoys along routes where high levels of landmine and IED threats are visible.

The world-renowned Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection System (VMMD) has operated in extreme theatres of unconventional wars. It has earned the respect of many soldiers as the safest vehicle in the world and leader of Route Clearance Packages.

Whether operating on Main Supply Routes (MSRs), city streets, or rocky trails, the Husky’s radar and sensor systems are the world’s best for countermine and non-conventional explosive detection.

The Husky provides a blast-survivable and mission configurable vehicle platform that has been extensively deployed throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. These counter-IED sensor systems and platforms have been recognised as world leaders for their design, development, and integration.

The Husky offers protection for its crew and vehicle components against anti-vehicle mine blasts and IED’s while detecting, marking and interrogating for hidden threats.

The Husky has evolved from a single cab version to a two-man operated cab and recently this vehicle has been developed into an autonomous vehicle that can operate without a driver in certain high threat zones. The Husky vehicle is provided in collaboration with Critical Solutions International, a trusted partner of DCD Protected Mobility.

The Springbuck Armoured Personnel Carrier family of vehicles is mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) and well-received across the African continent. The designs are simplistic; great care has been taken to ensure ease of maintenance, supportability and affordable Life Cycle Costs. The vehicles have been built with crew comfort, protection and cost-effectiveness in mind with internationally available drive-line components for assured performance and parts availability.

The Springbuck is available in Standard (SD), Heavy Duty (HD) and Extra Duty (XD) versions, with each model having increased performance, payload and protection. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVM) ranges from 9 ton, 12 ton and up to 15 ton. With good all-round ballistic protection, the all-steel armoured V-shaped hull is designed to withstand severe and multiple landmine blasts directly under the hull or wheels; vehicles are certified in accordance with STANAG 4569 and AEP-55 standards.

The permanent 4 x 4 vehicles feature powerful diesel turbo-charged engines (144Kw-268Kw) with automatic transmissions, sufficient payload (1 500kg-3 500kg) and outstanding performance in terms of strategic, tactical and critical mobility.

The Springbuck APC range is suitable for the “Route Clearance Convoy” missions and adaptable for infantry, command and control, medical Casavac, border patrol, police, bomb squad, jammer device (RCIED), peacekeeping missions and other applications.

The products developed and produced by DCD Protected Mobility are of a high quality, are compliant with international standards, and are exposed to real conflict situations. Its products, together with its product support – which includes Field Service Representatives (FSR’s) on the ground – ensure a high degree of operational availability.

DCD Protected Mobility is committed to provide a turn-key solution by getting involved in partnerships, joint development, transfer of technology and possible localisation. PM [email protected] tel: (+27) 11 306 8503