Privinvest and Simportex to supply vessels to Angolan Navy


The Angolan Navy is set to receive a range of vessels from the Privinvest shipbuilding group, which will, in collaboration with Simportex, establish a shipyard in Angola for the local construction of naval vessels.

This was announced last week by Privinvest, which said it had formed a joint venture for shipbuilding and the maritime economy in Angola.
“The programme will initially see Privinvest provide a range of vessels for the Angolan Navy. In parallel, Privinvest together with commodities trading company Simportex, will develop and operate a shipyard in Angola. This shipyard will have modern facilities and state of the art technology and will be able to build new ships, to service ships and to provide a wide range of servicing facilities for the existing fleet,” the company said.

In addition to supplying a number of ships Privinvest will be providing a transfer of technology to enable the construction of naval vessels in Angola.

Boulos Hankach, President of Privinvest Shipbuilding Investments LLC, said: “This marks another step in our cooperation with one of the most dynamic economies in Africa. It shows that we have the skills and capabilities that generate appetite to promote high-level programs in countries around the world.”

Privinvest, headquartered in the Middle East, has facilities and shipyards in a number of countries including France, Germany and the Middle East. Its core focus is the design and construction of naval and commercial vessels, the supply of integrated systems, support programmes for naval fleets, and the support and transfer of technology to countries wishing to develop their shipbuilding industry..

Privinvest’s shipyards have delivered more than 2 000 vessels and its products are present in more than 40 navies around the world. Currently, besides a number of private customers, the Privinvest group is working for six major navies.

The Privinvest Shipbuilding Group incorporates a number of major shipyards, including German Naval Yards Kiel (naval vessels), CMN (naval, commercial and research vessels), Isherwoods (management and logistics), Nobiskrug (mainly superyachts), PISB (comprising Hellenic Shipyards and Abu Dhabi Mar) and Lindenau (repair, maintenance and modernisation). These entities employ more than 2 500 people. As a result, Privinvest can offer a wide variety of naval vessels as well as logistic support, training, transfer of technology, maintenance and supply management, amongst others.

Some of the naval vessels available to potential customers include the Combattante series, offshore patrol vessels, roll-on, roll-off cargo vessel, search and rescue vessels, patrol boats, maritime surveillance trimarans and interceptors, amongst others.