Poynting grows in Brazilian defence market


Poynting Antennas’ Defence and Specialised Division  has secured a strategic Brazilian homeland security project. 

Poynting Antennas’ Defence and Specialised Division, which focuses on the design, development, manufacture and sales of electronic warfare (EW) and communications antennas and related RF (radio frequency) equipment, is making waves in the Brazilian market with two recently awarded strategic contracts.

Poynting succeeded in securing a strategic Brazilian homeland security project. A multi-year supply contract has been signed to provide a multinational Brazilian aeronautical and defence group with several advanced fixed direction-finding antenna systems.

The Brazilian aeronautical and defence group is building up various RF design capabilities, and in this respect has acquired the intellectual property of certain Poynting antennas in order to manufacture these antennas in Brazil. As part of the contract, key staff from Poynting will be involved in various training and set-up initiatives of this new manufacturing operation in the coming year.

“Our direction-finding antenna technology enables Brazilian end-users to dramatically improve real-time tactical border awareness and response management,” said Juergen Dresel, MD of the division: “By acquiring our intellectual property, the Brazilian aeronautical and defence group, through using Poynting, is able to rapidly establish antenna manufacturing capabilities suited to their specific system needs. This will allow Poynting to become deeply embedded in the Brazilian and South American market.”

Apart from the solution above, the Poynting Defence and Specialised Division has also won a significant order from Brazilian spectrum management authorities via a test and measurement spectrum analyser manufacturer. Under this contract, Poynting will supply its specialist DF handheld antennas used in mobile-based spectrum monitoring. These antennas enable spectrum analyser manufacturers to address direction-finding markets previously unavailable to them due to a lack of appropriate antennas.

“We have seen substantial increases in interest in our antenna capabilities from Brazil over the past two years,” said Dresel. “With Brazilian homeland security and infrastructural budgets being significant in terms of global spending, Poynting is confident to win more Brazilian business following the trend of global economic expansion of the BRICS nations.”