Pirates release German-owned ship: EU naval force


The German-owned cargo ship Charelle, hijacked by Somali pirates near Oman in June, has been released, the European Union naval force said yesterday.

The crew of 10 aboard the Antigua and Barbuda-flagged ship, including seven Sri Lankans and three Filipinos, were also freed, maritime sources said.
“It started sailing towards safe waters around an hour ago. The gunmen have left it to the crew. A ransom was paid out but we are not sure how much,” said Andrew Mwangura, coordinator of the Kenya-based East African seafarers Assistance Programme.

When the ship was hijacked by eight pirates on June 12, 60 nautical miles south of Sur, it was the first recorded attack in the Gulf Arab state’s territorial waters, NATO alliance staff said.

Lloyds reported the 2 800-tonne cargo ship was owned by shipping firm Tarmstedt International.

The ship was carrying mostly empty containers when it was seized.