Parliamentary Question: Theft aboard SAS Amatola




MR P.J. Groenewald (FF PLUS) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:
1 Whether she has been informed about the alleged theft of the laser range finder from one of the frigates?
2. Whether it has been recovered; if not, what progress has been made with the investigation; if so,
3. Whether anyone has been taken into custody; if not; why not; if so, what are the relevant details;
4. Whether an investigation into security on board naval vessels was undertaken after the incident; if not, why not; if so, what were the findings,
5. Whether she will make a statement on the matter? NW 1277E

1. A Board of Inquiry was convened and a detailed report made in March 2008. All recommendations thereof were implemented, and the matter reported as prescribed by the regulatory infrastructure, to Minister Lekota. The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs was not directly informed.
2. The Hand Held Station Keeping Laser Range Finder (approximate value – R 6 300) was reported as missing in July 2005 and was not recovered. A Board of Inquiry was convened on 12 February 2008 to investigate the loss. The Board of Investigation was concluded in March 2008, with all recommendations thereof subsequently being implemented.
3. No-one was taken into custody. The Board of Inquiry recommended that letters of reprimand be written to two members for non-compliance with policy regulating handing and taking over procedures. These letters were duly written.
4.The Board of Inquiry conducted a detailed investigation surrounding the loss of the Hand Held Laser Range Finder. The Officer Commanding of the SAS AMATOLA was subsequently directed to implement the following:
a)Ensure better control of the Bridge cupboard.
b)Ensure that the handing and taking over process is conducted in accordance with the stipulated policy.
c)Compile a Standard Operating Procedure for the handing and taking over procedure in accordance with policy.
d)Ensure that the Hand Held Laser Range Finder is written off and replaced at State expense.
5. No

Pic: Frigate