Paramount Group showcases industry-leading terrorism response capabilities at AAD 2016


The joint Command Post integrates a range of systems, enabling military commanders to efficiently assess and stabilise a crisis.

Paramount Advanced Technologies (PAT), a division of Paramount Group, revealed an innovative simulated joint Command Post at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) expo in September 2016. The joint Command Post integrates an unparalleled range of systems, enabling military commanders to efficiently assess and stabilise a crisis such as a terrorist attack.

This is the latest asymmetric conflict solution created by Paramount Group, Africa’s most prominent defence and aerospace company. The joint Command Post maximises the use of limited resources, making it ideal for developing countries facing terrorist threats, such as those in Africa’s Sahel. It presents commanders with a 2D and optional 3D picture of their resources and tasks currently assigned to those resources, as well as actual and perceived enemy positions and entities. The display is regularly updated, helping the commander make decisions in real-time. The commander’s own plans can also be overlaid on the current picture to show deviations and allow in-time re-planning.

Ivor Ichikowitz, founder and executive chairman of Paramount Group, said: “As a South African company, we know from experience that stabilising asymmetric conflict demands real-time, streamlined intelligence. This is especially true for developing countries, which must combat mounting terrorist threats with limited resources.”

Bringing together a group of more than 10 defence companies from South Africa and internationally, PAT is leading the intiative to integrate this capability as a solution to offer military and civilian commanders across the world. The joint Command Post at AAD is the first of its kind to be showcased in Africa. Spectators will be treated to Mission Impossible-style action as the system remotely tracks vehicles on land, sea and on the air.

The system will demonstrate its ability to support commanders to resolve incidents in real-time, alerting and activating the relevant resources. The display will include data from commercial sea traffic, along with an overlay of commercial air traffic in Gauteng, South Africa’s economic heartland. The integrated Command Post will also host a Military Situational Awareness display, along with another Incident-related display featuring integrated and real-time video, images, photos and data.

The live demonstration will include a significant segment of the South African defence industry to provide Integrated Combat Management, as well as Incident and Event management, and show potential customers the value and force multiplication effect of this type of technology.

Ralph Mills, CEO of Paramount Advanced Technologies, said: “We’re proud to offer our customers the future of integrated command and control systems. Our joint Command Post offers decision-makers the display features and analytics support they need to effectively manage crises.”