#Parabot – Africa’s largest super-hero robot joins the rhino fight


Paramount Group and the Ichikowitz Family Foundation’s super-hero robot raises awareness of the role of the defence industry in fighting poaching.

What stands nearly 10 metres tall, weighs a tonne, has the body of a legendary armoured vehicle, and is on a mission to raise awareness of Africa’s endangered wildlife?

The answer… #Parabot, Africa’s largest super-hero robot developed to showcase Africa’s defence technologies and raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s threatened wildlife populations.

#Parabot is a big statement from Africa’s largest privately-owned defence and aerospace company, Paramount Group, to raise awareness of the role the defence industry can play in fighting poaching through the provision of technologies, equipment and training.

To develop and promote #Parabot, Paramount Group has partnered with the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, a charitable foundation leading efforts to find new and innovative ways to support national parks in South Africa and other African countries in their fights against poaching.

Eric Ichikowitz, Marketing Director of Paramount Group, said: “We have built #Parabot to stand here as a symbol of resistance, a symbol of the fight back, and as a message to the criminal gangs who are behind the slaughter, that we will not give up on Africa’s wildlife heritage. The defence industry is in a unique position to strengthen conservation efforts. We have technologies and equipment that are making a real difference.”

Over the last two years, the Paramount Group has committed its resources to supporting conservation efforts through the provision of aerial platforms, combat training programmes for park rangers, and more recently, the establishment of South Africa’s largest K9 facility that trains detection and ranger dogs for anti-poaching patrols.

In the shadow of #Parabot, the group is showcasing some of its anti-poaching initiatives, including the K9 school, and a mobile anti-poaching command and control centre that demonstrates the co-ordination of forces on land and in the air that are involved in fighting poaching.

Ichikowitz added: “Paramount Group is a key supporter of the AAD Youth Development Programme and we will invite schoolchildren visiting the show to make a pledge to rhino conservation by covering our Mbombe armoured vehicle with their hand prints. “

#Parabot – the stats

Parabot’s concept and design is based on Paramount’s Group largest armoured vehicle, the Mbombe 6
Weight:1 tonne
Height: 9.7m
Hours to build: 600 man hours
Built by: CFX, a famous film effects and fabrication company based in Cape Town
Mission: Raise awareness and protect Africa’s wildlife from poaching

Rhino stats

According to the Department of Environmental Affairs:

769 rhinos have already been poached in 2014.
227 arrests associated with rhino poachings have been made in 2014.
The Kruger National Park continues to bear the brunt of rhino poaching in South Africa, having lost 489 rhinos so far this year.
A total of 103 rhinos have been poached in Limpopo, 65 in KwaZulu-Natal, 47 in North West and 43 in Limpopo.