Op Irini nets embargo buster


A change of ship’s name was not sufficient to deter Operation Irini intelligence, leading to an inspection which revealed a breach of the United Nations (UN) arms embargo on Libya.

The inspection, conducted by Italian Navy frigate ITS Grecale (F571), of the cargo vessel MV Victory Roro (previously MV Luccello) after she was located by a French maritime patrol aircraft, brought to light “dozens of vehicles designed or modified for military use and assessed to be in violation of the UN arms embargo on Libya” according to an Operation Irini communique. In accordance with a UN Security Council resolution and its mandate, Operation Irini seized the vehicles violating the arms embargo and diverted the ship to a European port for further proceedings.

Victory Roro, flying the Equatorial Guinea flag and under her previous name, was identified by a UN panel of experts on Libya as delivering military vehicles to the north African country in March.

The Victory Roro inspection was the 24th executed by the European Union (EU) naval task force deployed under Operation Irini.