Northrop gets billions in defence contracts

Los Angeles-based Northrop said it had received a US Navy contract valued at roughly $2.4 billion (R18.8 billion) for the refuelling and overhaul of the Theodore Roosevelt, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Reuters reports.
At the same time, Northrop Grumman Corp was awarded a US Air Force contract boost, up to $3.4 billion (R26.7 billion), to support the radar-evading B-2 bomber, the Defense Department said.
The Pentagon, in its daily contract digest, did not specify the previous ceiling value of Northrop’s bomber contract. The US deploys 20 B-2s.
A company spokesperson could not immediately specify the previous value of the B-2 contract.
Work on the aircraft carrier is scheduled to last more than three years and will be the ship’s one and only refuelling and complex overhaul in a 50-year life span, Northrop said.
The Roosevelt is the fourth ship of the Nimitz class to undergo this major milestone.
More than 3800 Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding employees would be working aboard the carrier during peak periods of the project, the company said.

Pic: Theodore Roosevelt nuclear powered aircraft carrier