Nigeria’s Homeland orders additional patrol vessels from Damen


Nigerian company Homeland Integrated Offshore Services Limited has ordered two additional FCS 3307 patrol vessel from Damen, a year after taking delivery of a second FCS 3307.

Damen said the vessels would be used for operations off the coast of Nigeria and like the previous two vessels are being supplied as a turnkey solution with Damen Group taking care of delivery and crew training, as well as the design and build. Damen’s Local Service Hub in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, will ensure that maintenance, repairs and any additional support is handled by Damen engineers. The Hub has been operating for two years and is manned by a technical manager and several specialist engineers.

The new FCS 3307s will be named Guardian 3 and Guardian 4. Guardian 1 was received in February 2014, seven months after it was ordered.
“For maximum convenience the vessels will be delivered on their own keel by Damen crews from Singapore to Nigeria and following handover the Homeland crew will each be given a week’s training before beginning operations,” Damen said.

Homeland supports international oil companies working in Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas fields by providing engineering, procurement, construction, installation and security services. Like the first two vessels, the primary mission of the two new Guardians will be carrying out security patrols for the production companies, as well as occasional transfers of crew and supplies.

The 33-metre vessels have a 30 knot top speed – five knots faster than the specification. 18 bunks will be fitted for crew and security personnel, who can remain on board for up to four weeks. The wheelhouse is bullet-proof and additional equipment includes 15 seats for crew transfers, thermal imaging, a diesel powered SOLAS Fast Rescue Craft and an additional fuel separator to protect the engines and generators from contaminated fuel.

The FCS 3307 class features the pioneering Sea Axe bow that gives the vessel unparalleled seakeeping behaviour, even in challenging conditions. The FCS 3307 has a length of 33.57 metres and deck area of 70 square metres. The aluminium vessel is powered by three Caterpillar engines with a total of 2-3 500 kW.
“Both us and our clients have been delighted with the performance of our first two FCS 3307 Patrol vessels. They remain the most capable craft of their type operating off the coast of Nigeria and we already have charter contracts lined up for both of them,” stated Homeland Managing Director Louis Ekere commented. “Having the support of the Damen Local Service Hub gives us the utmost confidence that they will consistently operate at full capacity and capability.”

Under construction as part of Damen’s build-for-stock policy, the Guardian 3 is almost complete except for some additional items and Guardian 4 will be ready within a few months, for delivery in the second quarter of 2017.