Nigeria, Spain agree on security in Gulf of Guinea, West Africa


Nigeria and Spain have agreed to collaborate in providing security in the Gulf of Guinea and the West Africa sub-region, Angel Fernandes, the Spanish ambassador to Nigeria, says.

Fernannades, made a call to Nigeria’s Minister of Defence, Adetokunbo Kayode, and said : “We are ready to collaborate with Nigeria in the area of security in the Gulf of Guinea because we know that there is a specific plan drawn up by Nigeria to reinforce the security situation in the area.”
“Spain is committed to collaborating with the Nigerian authorities to participate in the security of the Gulf of Guinea and in the security of the West Africa sub-region in general,” he said.

Ambassador Fernandes said the visit by the Spanish Prime Minister to Nigeria and the ECOWAS Commission in June 2009 was a demonstration of his country’s commitment to promoting relations with Nigeria in particular and the sub-region in general.

Responding, Kayode said Nigeria and Spain have had very cordial and fruitful relations.
“We have done very well for ourselves in the areas of trade and industry and this has benefited both countries.
“Your coming here is very significant because you came at a time we are reviewing our internal and international activities in the defence sector.
“As you know, it is on record that we stand tall in the area of peace-keeping. We have committed resources, men and materials and we are very proud of our record in this area,” he said.

Kayode said Nigeria was also involved in making and keeping the peace in ECOWAS states, adding that the peace and security of the world, including the Gulf of Guinea, was the business of all.
“Although the Gulf of Guinea is at Nigeria’s backyard, its security is the business of the entire world.
“We are happy that you have underscored the importance of the Gulf of Guinea and offered the support and interest of your country in providing security in the area and other parts of the world,” he said.

Pic: Gulf of Guinea