New unmanned baby sub to protect coastal waters

A new unmanned autonomous mini-submarine developed by BAE Systems uses state-of-the-art sensors and detecting equipment to allow security forces to identify and neutralise these threats before they can be used.
Ensuring the security of the world`s ports and harbours is a key requirement of the war on terror, with explosives and other devices attached to the bottom of ships identified as a major potential threat.
The 50kg vessel, named Talisman L, uses a range of sensors including high-definition forward and sideways looking sonars that enable it to quickly and clearly detect any suspicious items, even in conditions of zero visibility. It can be deployed and retrieved very rapidly from almost any vessel, including rigid inflatable boats.

Andy Tonge, Autonomous Systems Manager at BAE Systems` Insyte business, said Talisman L was also a powerful tool in combating smuggling and other illegal activities. “Talisman L can be used both within harbours and on the open sea to inspect ships without exposing service personnel to any risk, providing an important first line of security for vital infrastructure.
“The improvised explosive devices used by terrorists and insurgents can take almost any form, and the variety and power of Talisman L`s sensors mean it can identify, investigate and transmit information about any suspicious material.”

Talisman L has a very high degree of manoeuvrability, being able to hover, move in any direction and turn within its own length, making it ideally suited to cramped and crowded inner harbour conditions. The vessel can operate at depths of up to 100 metres for up to 12 hours.

The submarine can operate autonomously, using pre-set mission parameters, but operators can assume manual control at any time, giving it significant tactical flexibility and command oversight.

Talisman L is one of a range of Talisman Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles that share open platform architectures, mission system components and command and training infrastructures.

Pic: Unmanned autonomous Talisman L mini submarine