Navy sinks R25.1m into subs


The South African Navy has awarded contracts worth R25.1 million to a number of companies for the procurement of “depot spare parts” for its fleet of three German-built Project Wills Type 209 MOD1400 diesel-electric attack submarines. The order, last Thursday, came two days after the Navy briefed Parliament on damage done to the S101, SAS Manthatisi.

It is not immediately clear whether the order, placed on Tellumat SA, MTU SA, Siemens AG Marine Solutions, Marlog Marine Logistik GMBH, Cybicom Defence, SAAB Grintek Defence and Mietsei Ltd, is for the repair of the damaged submarine or to build up stores. A look at the Armscor Bulletin System shows orders worth R172 825 212.72 since 2007 to date that can be linked to Project Wills.

South Africa acquired the three submarines at a cost of R8.152 billion as part of the controversial Strategic Defence Package. Construction of the Manthatisi commenced in May 2001. She was launched in June 2004, commissioned in November 2005 and arrived in South African waters in April 2006. It appears she was take out of the water and placed in the Simon’s Town submarine shed in 2007 after being damaged in a number of separate incidents.

Navy Chief Director Maritime Strategy Rear Admiral Bernhard Teuteberg told the Portfolio Comitee on Defence and Military Veterans last Tuesday that the boat’s electrics were damaged when
“someone” had connected the submarine’s shore service “the wrong way round”, apparently because the wires had not been marked properly. In another incident, the submarine “banged” into a quay during rough weather, causing minor damage to the aft plane. The plane was bent but still functional and the submarine’s watertight integrity had not been affected.

The third issue involved the efficiency of the batteries, the admiral explained. He told MPs when being charged, these produced a hydrogen gas build-up that damaged some of the submarine’s 480 batteries. The problem had been solved, however, by introducing hydrogen release valves and the manufacturer had given the undertaking that some of the damaged units would be replaced free of charge.

Teuteberg, who was briefing the committee on SA’s maritime defence capability, added each of the four Project Sitron Valour-class frigates, bought for R9.6 billion cost R133 million a year to operate. A submarine costs R30 million and a patrol vessel R32 million.

Also confirmed was a further payment for a shore-based combat suite engineering test bed for the submarine fleet. The Navy last year August placed a R46 560 029.60 for such a sytem. The latest payment is worth R1 989 640.75.

The orders are in addition to a raft of contracts to industry worth over R317.6 million for maintenance and services for submarines and surface vessels in September as well as a circuit breaker test facility for its submarine fleet worth an additional R15.8 million.


Procurement of type 209, Mod 1400 submarine depot spare parts

18 Nov 2010

R25 117 891,39

Tellumat SA Ltd


MTU SA (Pty) Ltd


Siemens AG Marine Solutions

Life Cycle Management

Lindenplatz 2

20099 Hamburg


Marlog Marine Logistik GMBH & CO.KG

Werfstrasse 179

24143, Kiel


Cybicom Defence (Pty) Ltd

Simon’s Town

SAAB Grintek Defence (Pty) Ltd

t/a Suport Services


Mietsei Ltd 1A Kanari Street




Development and commissioning of a shore-based combat suite engineering test bed – extension of EMTM/2008/585

18 Nov 2010

R1 989 640,75

Cybicom Atlas Defence (Pty) Ltd

Westway Office Park

Procure and commission circuit breaker test facility for Type 209, Mod 1400 submarines
– EMTM/2009/559 8 Sep 2010 R15 810 910,00 Siemens Ltd

Maintenance and support services of the command and surveillance general fire control systems and surveillance systems, underwater for the SA Navy
– ELGS/2010/11 8 Sep 2010 R48 391 021,90 Cybicom Atlas Defence (Pty) Ltd

Maintenance and support services for the submarine action information systems for the SA Navy – extension of ELGS/2006/117
– LGS/S2009/4274 17 Mar 2010 R2 382 547,02 Cybicom Software
– LGS/S2008/3211 19 Feb 2009 R13 691,71 Cybicom Software
– LGS/S2008/3871 13 Feb 2009 R4 571 418,63 Cybicom Software

Procurement of type 209 MOD 1400 submarine radar antenna unit
– EMTM/2009/304 19 Nov 2009 R2 781 902,78 Marlog Marine Logistik GMBH

Procurement of type 209 model 1400 submarine depot spare parts
– EMTM/2008/421 6 Aug 2009 R18 107 215,74 Marlog Marine Logistik GMBH

Alfphastone GmbH

Development and commissioning of a shore based combat suite engineering test bed for the South African Navy Class 209 submarines
– EMTM/2008/585 5 Aug 2009 R46 560 029,60 Cybicom Software

Supply and integration of SA Navy class 209 submarine engineering test bed periscope simulator – extension of EMTM/2006/522
– MTM/S2007/1373 21 Nov 2007 R113 420,20 Cybicom Software

Engineering test bed periscope simulator for the SA Navy 209 Class Submarine
– EMTM/2006/522 5 Jul 2007 R6 985 523,00 Cybicom Software