Navy pursues PPP model for new marine safety centre

The South African Navy has confirmed that it is seeking to establish a new Marine Sea Safety Training Centre (MSSTC), in the Western Cape, through a public–private partnership (PPP) model. However, it declined to provide a capital expenditure estimate for the project.
The Engineering News reports the initiative is designed to raise training facilities standards to an international level and increase the yearly throughput of trainees.

Navy project manager Captain Lilla du Preez told Engineering News that some of the navy`s facilities were outdated and were not fully compliant with all the International Maritime Organisation standards.

To remedy the situation, the Navy planned to build a new facility, which could be operational by about 2012 or 2013.

The centre, which would be established in Simon`s Town, would offer a number of training courses, including marine fire fighting, naval damage control, chemical and biological response, maritime first aid, cargo handling and stability and command and control training.

It would also offer sea survival training and maritime helicopter survival training for the first time, Du Preez added.

The proposed centre would make use of a range of equipment and facilities, such as open deck and multi-deck simulators, a number of demonstration areas, lecture rooms, a wave pool and appropriate communication equipment and safety drill equipment to conduct training.

The proposed MSSTC could also potentially provide training to meet the needs of the private sector and foreign navies.

Du Preez explains that the navy currently trained between 500 people and 600 people a year. The new centre would allow the navy to almost double this number to about 1050 trainees a year.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance had been appointed as transaction advisers to complete a PPP feasibility study for the MSSTC, and has issued an expression of interest for parties wishing to participate in the project.